The Learning Challenge Curriculum has been designed to help you create your own bespoke curriculum that is ambitious and knowledge rich, creating curious and motivated learners. With History, Geography and Science as its main drivers and Art & Design and Design & Technology produced alongside them, it enables pupils to do more, know more, and remember more.

Developed with enquiry-based learning at its heart, each unit of learning is led by an overarching enquiry question linking to the composites set out in the National Curriculum. Within each unit, four or five components have been developed based around sub-enquiry questions in order to support children to thrive when immersed in the learning process.

The curriculum is built on sequencing knowledge and skills in a progressive way. Long term overviews make both the substantive and disciplinary knowledge children need to know explicit for teachers, and progression within each unit is clear too.

When implementing the Learning Challenge Curriculum, each unit ensures that there is time spent on igniting prior knowledge (link it); a focus on new learning (learn it); regular checkpoints to ensure children are keeping up (check it); an opportunity for pupils to reflect on their learning (show it); and, retrieval activities which will happen after the learning has been completed (know it).

The LCC has been designed to support schools with developing their own narrative through their school, ensuring knowledge is sequenced effectively, builds on prior learning and highlights the ‘golden threads’ that run through.

Each school needs to be clear about what they want their pupils to be able to do, know and remember by the time they leave, and the Learning Challenge Curriculum enables schools to do this by including numerous resources that have been produced to support and inspire both staff and children. These include (but the list is not exhaustive):

  • progression maps
  • long term plans
  • schemes of work
  • knowledge organisers
  • retrieval activities
  • low stake quizzes

It’s a curriculum that doesn’t stand still too. Content is reviewed regularly, and new resources are always being developed to broaden the level of support that it can provide for your school.


£750 per year (Discounts available for smaller schools)

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