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Gamification of Learning


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What we do

We approach reading in a wholly new way: we want pupils to be incentivised to engage with reading and direct their own learning. To achieve this we ask pupils to create their own questions about a text, using careful scaffolding to enable pupils to ask, and answer, much more sophisticated questions than they would be able to do unaided.

  • Curriculum Focussed
  • Our site splits reading into National Curriculum reading domains, allowing pupils to focus their learning. Question templates are differentiated by year group and editing of the templates is intuitive.

  • Promoting Engagement
  • Engaging pupils with reading is a pressing issue for all teachers – the rapid rise of technology means that pupils have an increasingly diverse range of alternatives to picking up a book. Promoting the deep engagement with reading that is key to driving standards in all subject areas requires novel, innovative solutions – just the kind of solutions our site offers. Our approach to reading asks pupils to immerse themselves in a text and to dig beneath its surface and explore.

  • Gamification
  • An increasing trend in educational research is to recognise and promote the value of gamification, the idea of masking learning as game playing. Our concept invests heavily in this idea – we passionately believe that our approach motivates pupils to read. More than just read, it pushes pupils to move beyond surface engagement with a text to a deeper understanding.

Learning Friendly Features

Designed for Kids by Kids!


Kid Friendly Design

Our user interface has been heavily influenced by feedback from the very children that use the system.


Tools For Teachers

Easily see pupils' progress and engagement.


easy to use

Designed to be self explanatory with minimal pupil and teacher training.


It's Fun!

Gamification and rewards helps drive pupil engagement in reading, especially in boys.


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Securing Your Data

Keeping your pupils and data safe is our priority. With the advent of GDPR we recognise that schools are under more pressure than ever to ensure that the data they control is kept safe and secure. We work to protect your data, taking a range of approaches to ensure that, at every stage of handling your data, it is completely secure:

  • UK Only Servers
  • Your pupils data never leaves the UK.

  • Encryption
  • Your data is securely encrypted

  • Secure site
  • Our website uses HTTPS security to ensure our site is secure.

  • Minimal approach to data collection
  • We only collect essential data to enable the application to function correctly. Nothing more.